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In New Zealand about one in four people in the workforce were born overseas; in Auckland this figure rises to forty-five per cent of the workforce. Good communication in the workplace is key to maximising the benefits of our increasingly diverse workforce.

Workplace communication challenges can arise for employers, managers and new migrant employees alike. These challenges can be particularly evident for migrants from diverse culture and language backgrounds and their managers.

This tool has been designed to help meet these challenges and improve communication between NZ employers, managers and their new migrant employees from other cultures.

The tool was developed by Immigration New Zealand in collaboration with the Language in the Workplace Team, School of Linguistics & Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington.

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For employees

To find out more about the services and products the Government provides to support the successful settlement of skilled migrants visit the New Zealand Now website.

For employers

Taking some simple, common-sense steps to help your employee settle in will benefit both your business and your employee. For resources developed to provide both employers and new migrant employees with the information and assistance they may need, visit the Immigration NZ website

Living in New Zealand support

If you have a new migrant employee, you may need to know about settlement support services for them and their family. The New Zealand Now website is your first stop to get information online, by phone, or in person.

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Download a printable series of communication tips for both migrant employees and managers of migrants.

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