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The Packing Shed

In some cultures you only give your opinion or make suggestions when invited. Some migrants can be unsure when and how it is appropriate to give opinions in the New Zealand workplace. Three farm workers are meeting to work out the best order for completing the different components of a task. New migrant Lita has the results of a trial run showing what worked best.

If you were Helen what would you do in this situation?

  • Ask Dave to get hold of a copy of the test results later so they can check that their decision is supported by the results.

  • Ask Lita directly to contribute. She has the results they need but seems reluctant to add her opinion.

  • Make the decision without Lita as she doesn't seem worried about where it goes.

If you were Helen what would you do in this situation?

  • Feedback

    Asking Dave later is not a good idea. Lita has the information they need, so if she doesn't speak up Helen could directly ask her about the results of the trial.

    Yes, this would be a good idea. As some migrants find it difficult to speak up in this type of context it is good to directly involve them. Helen has tried more indirectly to get her to contribute, but since she hasn't Helen could now be more direct by saying "what did the results of the trial show Lita?"

    Maybe this wasn't something that showed up in the trial, but it may also be that Lita is unsure about expressing her opinion. Helen should check.

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